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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things I like...

I like the ritual of morning coffee, dirt roads in Africa, long distance phone calls, shiny things, cooking real food, picking up the post, dancing, sleeping naked, diners, sunlight on skin underwater, making out, Arizona turquoise, coast line blue, the sound of rain on rooftops, Italy, cooking for friends, the sea at sunset, music, family dinners, owls in trees, frost lined leaves, telling stories, Greece, balconies, bookstores, spremuta d’arancia, cut lemons, Capri, rivers, red rocks, fireflies, twilight, transatlantic/long flights, sunday mornings, first kisses, blue light of winter, curved lines, smooth pens, wine, henna tattoos, people who smile with their eyes, sashimi, wearing hoodies, airports, avocados, driving barefoot, espresso macchiato alla schiuma di latte, cherry blossoms, the way you feel the first few hours after an international flight, strong handshakes, people who look you in the eye, homemade things, Van Gogh, dresses and Doc Martens boots, hiking, handwritten letters, black and white photographs, Amsterdam, open spaces, using vocabulary to achieve full potential, secrets, road trips, flexibility of body and mind, badminton, telling the truth, dogs, hardwood floors, creativity, geraniums, full moons, winter with a wood stove burning, summer solstices, following inspired thought, smell libraries, being a woman, the aurora borealis, spontaneous travel, intuition, people watching from street cafes, re-use it re-cycle platforms, campfire conversation, not wearing a watch, being quiet in the morning, winks and strangers who smile at you, the library, real butter and 360 panoramic mountain views. *

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