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Monday, June 6, 2011

Some people read my blog.....

ummmk.... follow me! :-)

I'm in Madison to serve on the Governor's Council on Domestic Abuse, specifically on "Anti-Oppression Committee", and "Violence Prevention Committee".  And before you ask: no, I don't get to see him, his staff or the Capitol for that matter.  

The Anti-Oppression Committee is working on writing a manual that is going to be distributed to all domestic abuse and sexual violence programs in the state.  I hope we get to talk about two things that concern me at the moment: one is help abused women receive (gender-specificity used here due to statistical relevance) when they don't embody the typical "battered woman" characteristics as described by Leonore Walker and instead fight back.  The second is talking about my research proposal on subtle biases in the case of shelter workers, rather than looking at the service recipients.

The "Violence Prevention Committee" looks at primary prevention of domestic violence and tools, initiatives we might use within the state, what results we expect from these and how we're going to measure them.  Of course...the crux of the matter is measuring!  Almost forgot about the measuring part....NOT!  :-)

*So, this is a test post to see how audiences react to something that is not tagged "britney spears", "music", "blah blahs of the heart", "misconceived misappropriation of topics" etc.

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